Saturday, February 16, 2008

First anniversary

My first year anniversary with Nyk was three weeks ago, just a week before I was supposed to go back to KL. As such, I didn't think that it was necessary to get anything on the day itself, as I would be back in KL later.

Besides, I haven't figured out what to get him. Nyk is not the easiest person to buy gifts for (and I am not complaining dear, just stating a fact!). So I had an extra one week to get something.

At least that was what I thought.

Close to lunch time, I got a call from the receptionist in my office. She asked me to go over to her place.

When I got there, I was shocked to see this waiting for me:

It was two bears sitting on a wagon of flowers.

When I saw it, I beamed. The smile I had couldn't be wiped off, even if someone punched me ten times.

The card said:

You are my first,
Our first year together,
Your love I do thirst,
To be in your arms forever.

I was pleasantly surprised (my dear could write poems!). Also, I was totally caught unaware, but thankfully SK knew about it beforehand, so she acted on my behalf and got Nyk an aromatherapy burner and three stalks of flowers (tulips, I think).

Anyways, I was smiling the whole day. Though some of colleagues did not believe that the flowers were for me, as we had a female colleague who always receive flowers and they thought it was for her.

It was the first time someone has given me flowers. And they smelled quite nice.

It was also the first time I reached a full year with someone, which is a milestone for me.

There was a card also, hand-delivered by Jaded Jeremy, from Nyk of course. Thanks for helping out JJ! ;-)

Thanks again for the flowers dear! Looking forward to more anniversaries with you!


Jaded_Jeremy said...

My pleasure :-)

Ban said...

Hurray to your first anniversary! Er... your first time meh?

Jason said...

Happy Anniversary!

Will said...

Such wonderful love, such good are indeed a lucky man! Happy anniversary, CNY, Valentine's Day, oh, and Presidents' Day (a US thing :P)

Derek said...

Jaded Jeremy: ;-)

Ban: Yeah la, first time celebrate V-Day with Nyk ma.

Jason: Thanks! ;-)

Will: Thank and thanks and thanks. A belated Happy Valentine's to you too!