Thursday, February 14, 2008

CNY 2008

First of all, a very Happy Chinese New Year! Yeah, I know it's a week late, but I could only come online today.

Also, a very Happy Valentine's Day!

I have been back in KL since last Tuesday, but my modem was going crazy on me and thus I can only post something now.

CNY has been quite eventful this year. I managed to spend time with Nyk last Tuesday before he went for his family trip to Penang. That deprived me of him for a full three days!

While he was away, I met some friends. One is Sam, the repressed guy who chose not to act out his gay sexuality. But apparently, he has decided otherwise as he doesn't want to be lonely no more. The reason for the change in heart? Age is catching up.

Anyway, Sam brought two of his friends to dinner, one who is my junior from secondary school. I could still recognise him as a) my school is small and b) he is a model and I have seen his pictures appeared in the Star before.

Then I also got to meet Kenny. Did some catching up with him as I only get to see him during Chinese New Year. Was quite bored as it was a Sunday so we decided to watch Kungfu Dunk. Not too bad, it got us laughing at some parts and my eyes rolling at others for its incredulity of stunts.

I got to meet my dearest again on Monday for dinner, while giving him a belated anniversary and early valentine's gift. It's actually one gift, not two. It is something he has always wanted since two birthdays ago and he practically lit up when he saw it.

On Tuesday, I had dinner with my course mates and I brought Nyk too. There were six others and only two of them don't know that I am gay. It was quite funny, as one of them who doesn't know asked softly, "Who is that Derek's friend?" to another who knows and the reply was "Just friend la."

Then I met him again yesterday for dinner with some mutual friends. It was quite fun talking and laughing about anything and everything. We ordered steamed fish, toufu (which I didn't get to eat), kailan and sweet and sour pork. The food was too bad.

I am making up for lost time with Nyk, as I will be going back to Singapore on Saturday morning ;-)


Mr Rainbow Man said...

Sounds like a good CNY holiday.... very nice indeed

William said...

Hi baby. Sorry for the time I've been away. Sorry for the times I've lou kai. Missing you already...

Jaded_Jeremy said...

At least you have a longer time spent during CNY than usual. Count that as a blessing :-)

By the way, is there a pun intended on about not eating toufu? Think about it in Chinese :-)

Derek said...

rainbow man: Hi there, thanks! Hope you had a great CNY too!

william: There's nothing to be sorry about the former. The latter, maybe ler ;-)

Missing you too *hugs*

jaded_jeremy: True, true, but still it was not enough.

Toufu? Sounds like "suffering" is it? O.o