Saturday, March 10, 2007

My 26th year

First time celebrating my birthday away from home. First time celebrating my birthday with someone else organising it, with the itinerary being more than just lunch.

I had no idea what to expect when I was told to head to Jurong East at 12 noon. My initial thought was either Jurong Bird Park or the Science Center.

But of course, whatever plans for the day would have to start with a meal. I was practically starved and we headed to Pizza Hut.

The people who came were Shahul, James, Anson, Daniel, Lloyd and Jason.

We ordered three regular pizzas. It was more than enough. When we were near to finishing the meal, James and Shahul went out and bought a chocolate cake.

It was really sweet of them. The cake was delicious; not too sweet and sufficiently moist.

I'll post a picture of the cake the next time.

After that, the plan was to go ice skating. Now, I am not really a fan of skating and I only did it once when I was in KL. I thought that time would be my first and last.

Anyway, I thought what the heck. It might be fun, though I doubt I would have improved much. I would probably be falling countless times and flailing like a mad man.

So basically I just walked, not skated. The shoes felt really uncomfortable and I am not very good with my balance.

And then something really memorable happened.

My friends got the management to announce my birthday over the public announcement system. There was another person who shared the same birthday and his name was mentioned as well.

The Happy Birthday song was played and there was ice being sprayed from ice-making machines. It created a snow-like effect, like falling snow.

It was really nice. We were standing in the middle of the rink, with falling tiny ice around us. Most of the other skaters gathered around the middle as well.

Too bad there wasn't anyone around to snap a picture of us.

We skated for an hour and a half. After that we headed to Suntec City as Lloyd wanted to buy a 4Gb Flash Drive at the IT Fair. The item was selling for $75 and that was really a bargain!

Dinner was the next item, as we were all quite hungry from the walking and window shopping. We had Thai at this place called Lerk Thai. which had a 30% discount.

The food was quite nice, but the portions were quite small. If it hadn't been for the 30% discount, I think it wouldn't be worth it. The bill came up to $74.

This was what we had for dessert.

So that was how my birthday went. On the way back home, we spent half an hour browsing books at MPH.

Overall, it was a memorable birthday experience. It was made special by those who came and celebrated with me.

Thanks so much guys! *hugs*

Oh, this is my new haircut. I had it coloured and highlighted ;P


Will said...

Selamat hari jadi, Derek! Glad you got to spend a great day with great friends. Oh, and your hair looks fantastic, and I am very happy to now know what the top half of your head looks like. :P

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Derek...

Haha speaking of which I just celebrated mine few hours ago :) Mine's 1 day after yours.

Take care and cheers.. Hugs..


Kyle said...

Happy Birthday!!

Rad said...

Happy birthday, Derek :)

JoeRy said...

oh ohhh
happy 26th !

William said...

Hehe, Happy Birthday dear Der. Reminds me of my old pics! Too bad couldn't celeb with you... Will make it up to ya. :D

thompsonboy said...

Aiks, didnt see much of coror also...

Andy Kuramoto said...

Ahaha. Sounds fun to me! It's great that you enjoyed yourself on your birthday. That's the only thing that should matter on such a day. ^^

Interesting haircut :P I like the way its spiked.

savante said...

Sounds like you had a great time down there :) Glad you're finding good friends and settling down.

What highlights on your hair?

Kit Pan said...

Halo Derek, Happy Belated Birthday!

Take care!

Simple Pleasures said...

Happy Birthday Derek! Wishing you all the best!

Derek said...

will: Woo, you can speak Malay! Cool.

Terima kasih ;P

Vincent: A belated Happy Birthday to you too. May all your wishes come true *hugs*

Kyle: Thanks Kyle. How nice, all the way from Prague!

Rad & Joery: Thank you so much ;P

William: Hmmm, how you gonna make up ar?

Besides, your actions speak louder than words! Thanks again for the gift!

thompsonboy: True also, the colour is not very clear.

andy: Thanks. Yeah, I had lots of fun.

The hair colour is a gift for myself ;P

savante: The highlight is ash. But can't see clearly in that shot ;P

Kit Pan: Thanks Kit *hugs*

SP: Thanks ;P

K said...

Nice job on the hair.

Happy Birthday and best wishes!