Monday, March 26, 2007


I haven't been reviewing movies lately, though I am still watching one movie a week on average.

Two weeks ago, I watched 300. The CGI background was fantastic. The cinematography which gave it a comic book feel, with greyish undertones worked really well.

Those are about the only good things about the movie.

Storyline itself, there's nothing much to shout about. To be correct, the movie is based on the comic, not the actual Battle of Thermopylae. Most people seem to believed that the movie is quite close to fact, when it isn't.

According to a professor, some of the inaccuracies include the number of Spartans who fought (7000 of them) and any one going into war would be wearing something more than just underpants, like armour and breastplates.

Maybe I am just biased, but beefcakes and mature beefcakes to be precise, doesn't do it for me. And I think there was a little too much breasts exposure for my liking.

Although there are a lot of people gushing over the movie, I would expect that they do because the movie appeals to the masculinity of most straight males. There's violence and there's female nudity. The good guys are fighting for freedom and to protect one's country are indeed noble virtues.

Though the fight scenes are quite nice to look at with the blood splashing spectacularly and a lot of stabbing and beheading, I still prefer the fight scenes in the LOTR.

Anyway, as I said, the movie would appeal to most males. There are sex and violence and gore in abundance.

Another thing that would most likely appeal to them is how the bad guys are portrayed. The Persians are just freaks. Just look at the giant disfigured killing monster of a man, crazy elephants and most of all, the so-obviously-gay-with-too-many-piercings-and-wears-makeup leader, Xerxes.

Needless to say, it perpetuates the idea that homosexuality is evil and freaks of nature and they need to be destroyed.

Acting wise, no one would win any awards. They just shout their battle cries and go to war.

To most males, what is not to like? It reinforces their masculinity and propensity to hate and fear what they do not understand.

As mentioned, the things I found interesting is the beautifully rendered background and the comic book feel cinematography.

Overall, I would rate it a 6 out of 10. IMDB rating is 8.2 at the moment and Rottentomatoes rates it 61%.


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!!! HAHA! Very awesome post & great review as well! :o)
~Jon Cox~

josh kimura said...

violent, carnage, more blood bath. long awaited movie ahah. kick aside butt kicking electra, or wherever TURISTAS- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre wannabe want to bring u r, or typical straigh hair to the front crawling like creature from tv horror movie, 300 is so much awaited. Grrrrrh feel the six pack aura hahaha. put aside TMNT, just wanna enjoy the joy of watching half naked men marching side by side and and ofcourse kicking arse. or in this case head chopping, spears err flying watever haha.

Jon said...

Read the comics. You will see how bonding the soldiers are like. Yeah. At night, when they sleep, they sleep on each other's thigh, abs and more. And they sleep naked. In the comics.

The movie is homophobic. It did not go to the extent to show the real Spartas. How the soldiers are lovers, and wives are meant to breed babies only.

Santiago is a fine piece of meat (Xerxes).

Derek said...

jon: Thanks!

josh: I think you enjoyed the movie a lot, right? ;P

jon: Really? I read on Amazon that the comic is "slightly homophobic". So which is which?