Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An afternoon in the city

Since I had such an eventful weekend, I was dead tired on Monday. As such I took the afternoon off. But then, instead of resting, I went out with Frankie.

These are some of the random shots of places we visited. They were taken at the Singapore National Museum.

The next picture is the Singapore Management University (SMU), located right in the city and near to the National Museum.

The Singapore Arts Museum was our next stop.

There wasn't any description on this, but probably is to inspire the Singaporeans
to procreate more, as their birth rate is one of the lowest in the world.

The corridor outside the Arts Museum

This picture looks so wrong!

Oh, apparently colleagues think that my hair looks quite nice. I didn't think it was that great initially ;P

But now I seem to like it more and more!


Ban said...

Don't take photo of museum, show us a photo of your hair!

Or failing that, a pic of you in that awim wear will suffice. ;)

William said...

Disney characters are not supposed to be naked!

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Just dropping by. Feel free to visit my blog.

Andy Kuramoto said...

Wow, the Singapore National Museum is so pretty. Especially the third picture you took. I absolutely love it (and the fact there's no one in the picture, makes it even better).

The first photo is quite pretty as well, too bad you can't exactly hang up in the air to make it a photoshoot location.. *sweat*

Oh yeah, rest well dude and make sure you don't fall sick!! ^^

joery said...

ok, next post talk about ur hair.

i wanna see how fabulous it is.

Derek said...

ban: The colours don't seem to show in photos, so no hair pics for now! ;P

William: I know! So weird, right?

Calvin: Thanks. I do visit your blog sometimes.

Andy: Thanks for the compliments. We could bring you there the next time you visit Singapore ;P

Joery: That would have to wait, Joery ;P

Andy Kuramoto said...

That'd be great~ thanks so much! ^^