Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Phuket Day 2

Aaargh! It's so frustrating to be NOT able to share my experiences at Phuket with my colleagues.

I was back at work today and the first thing they noticed was my new haircut. Fine.

Actually, I was hoping that they would comment about the dark tanned sexy nice tan that I have ... but oh well.

The questions asked were like who did you go with, what did you do, what did you see, etc.

And the most annoying part was that I can't answer with - I went with a bunch of gay people and some of them were such divas that it was so much fun to be around them and this was one of the best trips ever with my first visit to a gay massage while being surrounded with so many hunks and cuties from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Sigh ...

My brain was still on holiday mood and I was thinking as I sat in front of my PC, "Just two days ago I was snorkelling with colourful fishes and frolicking on a white sandy beaches with wonderful people and now I am back in the office."

This is my second trip outstation trip and first international one with LPG. It is so much different going with a bunch of queens and like-minded people than with straight friends. We can go crazy, act all gay (which doesn't necessarily mean soft or feminine traits), make crude gay jokes and simply let our hair down without fear.

I miss the warm and friendly Thai people. For your info, TSG 2007 is going to be held in Phuket again, as it is the ONLY place where participants can really be themselves and play with make-up on the volleyball courts and drag openly in clubs and discos!

Friday, 27 October 2006

The day's events were the volleyball matches. Malaysia didn't send a team this time as they couldn't form a team in time.

Volleyball was the sport with the most participants. I think each country sent at least two teams. With the competition format being round robin, it lasted almost an entire day and it ended about 10.30 pm.

The Malaysian delegates were there to watch, but we left at about three.

As the games were held at a country club, those who were not playing were either swimming, gymming or playing table tennis.

I only watched the games for a while and spend most of the time swimming or chatting with the other Malaysian delegates.

We arrived back at the hotel and got ready to do some sightseeing and shopping. There weren't that many stuff to buy that were reasonably priced. This was because we were at the Patong area where most of the ang mohs are inclined to stay. Thus, things are more on the expensive side.

Besides, there weren't that many stuff that was uniquely Thai. Most things were imitation T-shirts, bags, clothes, wallets, etc. There were some handicrafts, but they weren't cheap. It was obvious that they were tourists traps.

After walking around for a bit, a few of us decided to go for a massage. Okay, this is kinda embarrassing, but it was my first massage ever, gay or straight.

Anyway, I opted for the oil massage. I showered and removed all of my clothing and proceeded to the designated room.

In the room, my masseur took off his clothes. I wasn't looking at him as I was lying on my stomach and I actually thought he stripped off completely. In actual fact, Tong (that was his name) was only stripped to his black underwear.

He started massaging with left leg and moved on to my right. We were making small talk like asking him about where is he from (Bangkok), how old was he (twenty) and how long has he been working there (7 months).

When he was doing my lower back, he suddenly asked whether I was hard. I was a bit taken aback but I said no.

He found out about me being Malaysian but working in Singapore, how old I am (he thought I looked younger), about my availability, etc.

In turn, I found out he was still single, boyfriend-less and girlfriend-less.

I was told that in Phuket, it's quite OK to ask them whether they are straight or gay. In this sense, they are way ahead of us in terms of openness and acceptance!

When it was time to do my front, as in lying on my back, I got hard almost immediately! I think it was a mixture of shyness and arousal.

He smiled and continued massaging. I turned flacid again.

As he moved upwards from my legs and massaged very near my groin area, I got turned on again. I supposed that was only natural.

A while later, he was massaging my scrotum. And there were occasional touches on my penis ...

He didn't massaged much of my upper body. Just for like five minutes and then he asked, "You want to cum?"

I was like, "Huh? You are finished with the massage already?"


defiant85 said...

How nice. I want my sore scrotum to be massaged...

The Searcher said...

thai massage are super cool.... hee hee... you should try the one at babylon when u r in bangkok...

Joery said...

hmm, some one is naughty

jl said...

Indeed a memorable first time eh... Before you leave did your masseur said "Please cum again" (pun intended :P)

FamezGAY said...

so did u really cum in the end? oops

MrBunnyBan said...

Ooo, loks like someone's been having fun. :)

William said...

Perhaps he thought you may take some time to come, hence the shorter massage. An indirect compliment. Hah.

pluboy@takashi said...

lol.. first time to a massage it seemed?

dun worry.. singapore got a lot too.. cum cum.. i'll intro u to one that i usually go lOlx...


Derek said...

defiant85: Your scrotum still sore ar? ASk your bf to kiss it lor ;P

the searcher: Thanks for the tip.

joery: Hmmm ... I wonder who? ;-)

jl: Don't think he did ... but that was not necessary anyway LOL

famezgay: Question answered in following post.

mrbunnyban: That's what a vacation is for, isn't it?

william: Never thought of it that way. I like your thinking ;P

pluboy: Sure or not? I'll remember what you said ;P

k.t.x said...

uuuu la la! cool!