Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gay play

I got the following email and thought it would be of interest to visitors of this blog.

Dear friends,

Buy your tickets for "Sam & Jet 2 : The Revenge" from PT Foundation

Controversial, audacious, daring!

Captivating and mesmerising. ... another breakthrough play!

A wonderful adaptation.( from the movie "Bishonen')

A surreal experience and unforgettable memory.

Emotionally absorbing.

These were some of the responses from those who have seen Sam & Jet's premiere play in January 2004.

Now, the producers of "Sam & Jet" is back with the sequel, "Sam & Jet 2 - The Revenge"!

The title says it all. But for those who need some persuasion, can go here for more information. However if you are a banana like me, the website may not be of much use as it is written in mandarin and the play is mostly in Mandarin. This will not stop me from going for the play. Sam & Jet 2 is a drama performance whose central characters are gay, and the plot is apparently based on a true story. For this reason alone, I want to encourage all of you to go watch it. If it is any consolation, there are English subtitles throughout the play, and one of the lead character's lines is in English!

Still if you need a synopsis, the drama evolves around 3 lead characters - Sam and Jet (who are a couple) and Ching (Sam's ex). Apparently based on a true story, it is a melodramatic tale of how a scorned lover seething with vengeance can wreck havoc on the lives of those he most cared for. There will be ample romantic and endearing moments, some sizzling love scenes, plenty of drama, and (dedicated to the drama queens), plenty of bitchy rebuttals!

There are 2 more reasons why you should support this play. Part of the proceeds from this play will go to Pelangi Foundation, a non profit NGO dedicated to helping homeless people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) by providing them with support and care, living skills, and dignity to lead a life free from stigma and discrimination. For more info on Pelangi, please visit

And if you purchase the tickets through PT Foundation, 20% of the proceeds will be donated back to PT Foundation to support our HIV prevention, care and support programmes.

Dates: 2 - 5 November 2006

Venue: Panggung Bandaraya, Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur

Ticket Prices:

Ranges from RM25 to RM78 depending on show time:

2 Nov, 2006 (Thur) - 8pm (RM 35/RM 45/ RM 58/ RM 78)

3 Nov, 2006 (Fri) - 8pm (RM 35/RM 45/ RM 58/ RM 78)

4 Nov, 2006 (Sat) - 3pm (RM 25/ RM 48), 8pm (RM 58/ RM 78)

5 Nov, 2006 (Sun) - 3pm (RM 25/ RM 48), 8pm (RM 35/ RM45/ RM 58/ RM 78)

Please buy your tickets through PT Foundation so that PTF gets 20% of the proceeds of your ticket price. Contact Ivan Yap at 016- 2099 620 for more info on where to buy your tickets.

Only limited tickets available on a first come first serve basis.

For a review of Sam & Jet, please go here. As I haven't started blogging yet back in January 2004, I can't provide a link to my own review. ;P

Anyway, I did go for the abovementioned play. What I can remember, I will try to pen down.

As the title suggests, it was based on the movie Bishonen, which has become almost a cult movie, due to the scarcity of gay-themed Hong Kong films.

The play was extremely long, at almost 3 hours. I had a feeling that the director wanted it to be grand, an epic love story but somehow that didn't really materialised on stage. It was like they were trying to make a movie, but on stage.

A lot of scenes I felt was irrelevant. The direction could have been tighter.

On the plus side, the set was grand. The acting was average. The actors were cute. Some of the scenes where they tried to be metaphorical which I didn't quite like. I think there was once where there were a few of the supporting actors were dancing across the stage holding a stretch of cloth.

Maybe I just didn't get the message then, but apparently it was meant to show a barrier between the two leads.

In addition, I felt that there were a few scenes that specifically pander to the largely gay audience. Like the opening sequence of a singing competition with the one contestant dressed in drag, a fat one and one straight acting guy (or band, I can't remember).

The "different" singers elicited quite a few laughs from the audience, with the obvious outcome of the latter being the winner.

That scene did not add anything to the story, but merely to draw laughter.

Personally, I think the script should have just focussed on the story. Secondly, it shouldn't have further enforce stereotypes.

I wouldn't say the play was a bad one, but it could do with being more original. Less shine and gloss, more content and bite.

That play came not long after Angels, which I think was the superior one.

Another thing that I have to be picky about gay plays or movies is the tragic ending. Why can't they portray two people being happy together in the end? Though it could possibly be that the plays have to be screened by the authorities first before the show can be staged and the authorities believe that two same-sex people couldn't be happy together and showing something to that effect is encouraging people to become gay, but still ...

Anyway, give this sequel a chance. If I were in KL at the time, I would probably go and see whether they have learnt from the original.

I might actually be in town on that weekend, as my colleagues are planning a trip to KL and I am supposed to show them around. Though I don't think watching a gay play as part of the itinerary is what my Singaporean colleagues have in mind. ;P


Patrick said...

Bishonen was my first gay theme movie!!

Nishiki said...

I agree that Angels (Zhe Yi Tian Shi)is the best gay play, the subsquent is less impressive than Angels.

coolgardy said...

Bishonen the movie really gives me some good memories..imagine it, i was watching it in Perth, Australia with a good fren of mine whom i was visiting at that time.

savante said...

Ooh. Sounds cool. Must tell leggy.

William said...

Gay-themed plays at Panggung Bandaraya and just yesterday, a gay Idol contestant on the TV3 series, Realiti. Wow.