Monday, October 16, 2006

Joy of schooling

When I was in kindergarden and primary school, I learnt A is for apple, B is for boy, C is for cat, ...

In addition, the classes in school were named after something. For example, primary one classes were 1 Melur (1M), 1 Cempaka (1C) and 1 Teratai (1T). Usually, we would stay in the same class, as there was no streaming.

As I was in 1C, my second year I was in 2C, third year 3C and so on.

By the way, all those words are in Malay and they are names of flowers. Melur is jasmine and Teratai is lotus.

And I was in an all boys' school. Go figure.

When I went to secondary school, the classes names were colours. The classes were streamed according to the colours of the rainbow.

As such, no one from my school would ever forget the colours of the rainbow in order - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Apparently nowadays, kids are smarter. So the classes have to have more erm ... more intelligent and difficult names.

I was at a colleague's house recently and we were talking to his 7-year old niece. She is in Primary 1. Her class is 1A.

You wouldn't believe what A stands for. I would never have guessed either.

I heard something that sounded like "threesome".

Heh ...

Anyway, A actually stands for Altruism.

Heck, I only learnt that word like ... last year or the year before!

It gets better. The classes are until J, so here are the names of the classes.

B = Benevolence

C = Charity

D = Diligence

E is for Empathy.

F is not for friendship, but Faith.

G is not for generosity, but Grace.

H is not honesty, but Hope. (Do I smell a hint of evangelicalism?)

I is not intelligence, but Integrity.

And last but not least, J is for Joy.

Even though she doesn't know the meaning of the words, except for Hope and Joy, still it is amazing that she can pronounce all of them correctly.

Kids these days are smart. Or maybe school these days are just highfaluting.


Jay said...

It's a bit pretentious, I think. 1 Altruism.... that just sounds dumb.

I'd rather be in Mawar or Dahlia or Orkid.

Espion said...

There is no such thing as altruism, only self-interest: you do good because it is good for you is what it all boils down to.

What are the schools doing to the kids these days, brain washing them from so young and misleading them with delusive ideas and not opening their eyes to the real world?

William said...

I was in 1 Pandai (pri) and 1 Helium (sec). Next thing you know you'll hear that your nephew goes to 1-Alpha-d-Tocotrienol.

Spot said...

Yikes, now that's Singapore for ya.

Luckily they stopped at J. No prizes for what K should stand for. :)

MrBunnyBan said...

Those names sound suspiciously... Christian.

Excluding altruism, those type of names are pretty common for names of groups/teams in activities and church camps and the like.

Derek said...

jay: Flower names again LOL

espion: For goodness sakes, they're kids. Self awareness doesn't come at that age; for some it might not come at all.

william: Erm ... that is extremely unlikely, right? ;P

spot: Yup, this is Singapore.

K = kindness? ;P

mrbunnyban: That's what I thought too.

Spot said...

Kiasu, kiasi, kiabo, kepoh, kinky...


William said...

Why unlikely? No siblings or cousins? :P