Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Out in the office

Being out in the workplace is never a good idea. Still, I have always harboured the hope of coming out at work because once a person is out, it's quite difficult to go back into the closet.

But from the looks of it, it can never happen. Or at least, not in my current workplace.

Now, most sometimes I am quite gayish and all, but I am just being me and doing things that are comfortable for myself.

For example, I wear sneakers to work and change into leather shoes when I arrive at the office. It's more comfortable to walk in the former as there is quite a bit of walking to get to work and back.

When someone saw me changing into my leather shoes, the person said "Like a girl only."

Just today, I was chatting with my colleagues and one of them mentioned he wanted to go to Siam Reap, where the Angkor Wat is located. One of them asked me whether I would go as I don't look like the type which can rough it out.

Which reminded me of this incident last year.

Anyway, I said I love to do things I have never done.

"Would you go bungee jump or skydiving?"

"I would like to, even though at the last second, I may be rooted on the platform and needed someone to kick from behind to fall off the edge."

"I like to do everything once."

One of them laughed out loud and pretended to be afraid, while giving me a leer said, "I am scared yer ... "

Now, this guy has always teased me about female-related characteristics, like he would asked whether I wanted to hold his hands or not, or go to the bathroom together, that sort of thing.

By the way, he's married. And kinda cute and fair.

Obviously, I asked him what did he find so funny.

He replied, "You said you would do anything once, would you sleep with a guy?"

In my mind, I was like "I would and I already do and it won't be just once and you don't know what you've been missing."

So I said, "You think I would do it with you? Don't flatter yourself."

He continued, "No, but even with other guys .... that's just gross. Ee yer ..."

I wanted to roll my eyes, but that would be such a give-away, no?

Just yesterday, another colleague was saying that she has a friend who can dance very well and quite good looking. Too bad he is gay.

My response was, what's so bad about it? You mean you would have dated him if he was straight?

She said yeah.

Needless to say, out of all the people in the office, she seems most OK with gays. Which is not saying much, as she is a Charismatic (I have always thought that it means a personal quality) Christian and is not very open either.

Oh well.


Babymicrophone said...

Yoh go rainbow girl! *ghetto style no less*

Haha *wink*

k said...

who cares s long s it's practical? let them wear their uncomfortable shoes all day long

n rolling yr eyes would've been the perfect response. subtle yet sophisticated without any revelations about yr orientation

rad said...

I thought leather shoes is the thing to wear in offices *confused*. So what's the comment about?

Isn't it interesting that "straight" guys always can end up there. If it was me, I would've said "Would you eat something gross, like a spider" or something like that. Maybe it's a proposal :P

MrBunnyBan said...

Their's no proper word in the dictionary to to describe charismatic Christians. No, fanatical is not a good description, tempting label as it is. :p

Jay said...

It does sounds a bit like your male colleague was coming on to you. Why don't you call his bluff and take it even further?

"Sleep with a guy? Honey, when I get you in bed the last thing we'd be doing is sleep."

Then put a hand on his crotch.

keatix said...

some people say they r open but that's juz sheer 'say'.

i simply loathe people who form a conclusion on others vocally like the cambodian issue. 'fuck' him! lol.

Anonymous said...

How many times have I heard that "Too bad he is gay". Never had the courage to say anything though.
Hmmm, maybe you male colleague is coming on to you. ;)

Derek said...

babymicrophone: Heh, thanks.

k: Maybe I should have rolled my eyes after all. But I couldn't think straight at the time ... ;P

rad: I am a little lost with your comments as well.

This is a really bad post, if I hadn't explained what happened clearly ...


mrbunnyban: From the definition, it is fanatical. If not, it is bordering on it!

jay: Erm, that would be like ... no way! He's my superior la ...

keatix: Hello, happy to see you comment again.

People jump to conclusions all the time. But that doesn't make it right ...

anonymous: Yeah, it's so tempting to reply "What's so bad about being gay?" ;P

rad said...

lol, I wondered why they commented "Like a girl" when you change into leather shoes (since ppl wear leather shoes in offices)