Sunday, September 03, 2006

Meaningless meandering

I have wanted to do a Merdeka post, but somehow it didn't turn out right as the sentiment and feelings have dissipated.

Since coming back from KL last weekend, I have been so caught up with work and stuff that I didn't have the energy to blog. Which was why I didn't even know my blog was somehow "deleted" for the past few days.

Life here has been getting better. I have things to do on weekends which keep my time occupied. Like waking up at 6.30 this morning to jog. Then having vegetarian brunch with some friends.

Oh, and I was introduced to this word last week from a neighbour - tunch, meaning tea and lunch, a meal before tea but after lunch.

I was like WTF and trying hard to keep a straight face.

Since when we have tea time (excluding the "tea time" in government offices)? And can't a meal at three in the afternoon just be lunch, a late one at that?

Anyway, I digress.

Basically, I am getting comfortable here. Which is not what I want. I don't want to feel so comfortable till I don't want to leave.

There are actually things to do here which I have always wanted to do but didn't. The lifestyle is very active, as in sports and outdoor activities. I have never seen so many people of all ages get up so early on a Sunday morning to jog / cycle / roller-blade / picnic.

And I like that. I have even signed up for the Terry Fox run in two weeks time.

It has been four months already that I am here. Things have turned out quite alright so far and with some cautious optimism, I can say that life can only get better.


Anonymous said...

hey lad!

you are going for the terry fox run! so am i, and it is sponsored by the company. yours probably too yah. great we can run together!

-your colleague (pz)

g_c said...

yay!!!the blog is alive!!ALIVE!lol
and hun, TUNCH?? really? people will find any occasion to eat!!!

and there's no reason to reject comfort...theres nothing wrong in feeling good where you are ,whether its for a few months or for a few days!

Jay said...

Glad you're settling in there. I was really bored and lonely when I spent three months in Singapore so many years ago.

I guess that's why I spent most of my time cruising!

Derek said...

pz: Sure. See you at the run then!

g_c: Yeah, true. It's good to be able to adapt and feel right at home anywhere ... ;P

jay: You would have spent the time cruising anyway! XD

Kyle said...

Did you do something to your blog?



savante said...

Jogging at 6 in the morning?!?!?! Arrgh!!

Xavier said...

life will get better, if u want them to.

good that u are "settling" on :p

josh_kimura said...

I love this Latin phrases very much:
Ducunt volentem fata, nonlentem trahunt.

Translation?: Fate lead those who are willing, the unwilling it drags.

Babymicrophone said...

Ah on one hand i agree with you that being too comfortable somewhere is nto good. But one the other, I am glad you are settling in at some good pace. =) Just enjoy your stay here and concentrate on what you are supposed to do =) Till the calling comes for you to fly somewhere else and nest =)