Sunday, November 07, 2010

Home sweet home

Almost six months since I last updated. Guess I was too lazy and didn't have any inspiration to write.

This year really passed by quick. It's less than 2 months to 2011 and the big 3-0 for me. I really don't know where all the days and weeks went. Mostly work, study, watch movies.

But I think this year I spent most of my time at work. Seems more than the previous years. I was distracted at work for 2-3 months and my work performance suffered. Probably that explained the additional effort to do the same amount of work.

Also, I skipped my Phuket trip and only went to Yogyakarta in September.

Major changes for the past few months was my moving to a new place. I'm in Bishan now as JJ is happily enjoying retirement LOL

I'm glad that my exam is finally over. I haven't watched a movie in two months and I just have to break the drought. I watched Red at 1115pm on Thursday. It was funny, implausible and yet totally enjoyable. Highly recommended.

On a more serious note, I had feelings of missing home. Miss the warmth and closeness of family, friends and the bf. I miss the home-cooked food. Perhaps the idea of going home for good has grown stronger and deeper as I realized that I have been devoting more time to work.

Ultimately, life is all about people and relationships, not work.

Granted, I enjoy working with my colleagues. Some have become really good friends and I will definitely miss them when I go back to KL.

Home will always be home.


William said...

Dutifully waiting for your return.

Jaded Jeremy said...

It's not retirement lah. Hey, when you're here, we can watch movie together lah.

Vincent~ said...

i know wad you mean... i miss home too... but still have a long long road ahead... =/

Cheryl said...

when u put HOME SWEET HOME.. it ways makes me feel a bit down.

Derek said...

William: I know! Muacks!

JJ: Semi-retirement? LOL

Vincent: But you can hook up with guys in the UK! Haha

SK: Why le?

thompsonboy said...

turning 3-0? yesh..same here soon.