Monday, November 08, 2010

Japanese dinner

My parents have been frequenting this Japanese restaurant at Centrepoint for the past month or so. The place is called U-Yen. It's buffet style, but they have ala-carte too.

I thought the buffet was not too bad for the price they charge. It's RM50 per person and they have oysters, sushi, tempura and other cooked food.

What I had on Sunday were ala-carte.

Oysters in lemon juice with fish flakes on top

Prawn salad. All the prawns are underneath the greens

Salmon and butterfish salad. The butterfish were very sweet.

Grilled duck. These were delicious too.


William said...

"Frequenting" it? Once a week?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Centrepoint? The one at Bandar Utama? How's the salmon sashimi/sushi? Is the restaurant upstairs?

Derek said...

William: Yeah my parents have been going there every Sun for the past month!

JJ: Centrepoint, yup. On the 1st floor. There's only one Japanese there on that floor.

Sushmita said...

hey just came across your blog. The salmon salad and the duck dish look awesome.