Sunday, May 10, 2009

The power of words and fear

It is very difficult to change one's mind if you have already decided beforehand that you are right and gay people are sinful and plain wrong. You will disregard all facts that are contrary to your view.

In addition, it's not enough that you think that you are right, you want the society at large to have the same thoughts and opinions as you. The weapon of choice: fear. Stoke fear that the children are being taught about homosexuality; that anal sex is a neutral word.

Those poor innocent children! Everything and anything must be done to protect them! If not, they will turn out gay!

Obviously, that presupposes that homosexuality is spread by the word of mouth. Like how you convert people other people into your way of thinking. If only it was so.

They who have use the power of words to gather support and spread paranoia are of course wary of it. But hardened minds who think that homosexuality is a choice fail to understand that it is not. Hearing and repeating the word gay doesn't make one turn gay.

Just like how if I say the word heterosexual one thousand times make me want to place my privates into a woman's down under.

But of course you want to admit that you are wrong and irrational would be a great humiliation. Never mind logic, the book says homosexuality is wrong means it is wrong. Never mind that the cold hard evidence shows otherwise.

Because when one start doubting, the whole system of belief begins to crack. The stand on homosexuality is one small part of the belief but ultimately it still is part of it. Admitting a mistake is tantamount to doubting the whole belief, which has taken years to develop and solidify in the cerebral cortex. It would crumble their confidence as no one willingly admits they are wrong.

It is just incomprehensible that someone who is smart enough to be a doctor or a lawyer could be wrong.

But didn't someone say to err is human. Oh wait, that wasn't in the book so it must be not true. So they could not be wrong.

I can understand that they have worked hard to get up on that high moral horse of theirs, surely they are very afraid to fall from it.

That is why when they are afraid of science. Science questions everything. Ideas and hypotheses are always being tested by other scientists. You said this is true, let me try to replicate it. There is a check and balance. You said this is possible, then please show it to me.

But who checks what they do? Who do they answer to when they spread fear and tell lies?

Nobody. They can get away with it because they believe that sitting on a horse gives them the right.

And they are unhappy when the people around them throw horseshit to their faces.


savante said...

After working for some years, nah doctors aren't that smart after all :P

That said, it's not easy overturning an entire life's indoctrination. Give them time.

Ban said...

In the mean time, join the local atheist societies! There's a few good ones in MY on facebook. :D

New Age Doctor said...

Doctors afraid of science? How can that be?

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Wah delayed reaction ar. Something happened after the event?

Imeku said...

Is Derek or anyone going for the today on 16 May at Hong Lim Park?

Derek said...

savante: I don't think time will change their thinking. Unless their own flesh and blood turns out to be gay.

Even that might not work.

Ban: Thanks! I have been invited a few times already ;p

New Age Doctor: When something is contradictory to what you have believed in for a long time, it is very difficult to admit the mistake. In our society which prizes accuracy, that would be a huge blow to one's ego and self-esteem.

The only way is to insist that you are right and the other party is wrong. This is human nature.

Jaded_Jeremy: Nothing happened. Just that some newspapers still have features on the issus.

Imeku: I wanted to but didn't manage to go.