Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leftward or upward?

I was at Borders yesterday and saw this book called Bonk.

Looks interesting and I flipped through the pages. An interesting paragraph on the the erect penis caught my eye.

According to a Taiwanese doctor who specialises in penile implants, when the penis is erect the most common direction is to the left. This was followed by downwards, left and finally upwards. Sort of like anti-clockwise.

Indeed, this is a startling observation for me. It basically contradicts what I have observed.

From my limited *ahem* experience and the porn that I watched, I have the impression that facing north is the most common one. Thus far, I have only seen one that points left and the rest all point upward.

Anyone else care to share their empirical observations? ;p


Cheryl said...

Ermmm... can i share ar? :P

DD,from my "observations" is upwards and swollen :D

Jaded_Jeremy said...

I supposed if it's pointing upward but clearly to the left of the belly button means it's "left"? Likewise for "right"?

Ban said...

...north? Lol... thinking of a dick compass now.

Michelle said...

hey.. just a passer-by..
anyway.. i saw this book b4..
thumbing over a few pages... but oh well.. i don't have well.. erm.. *ahem* to share my empirical observations with u.. =)

Derek said...

Cheryl: Didn't know you have experience ;p Swollen? How swollen?

Jaded Jeremy: Yup, that's what I mean.

Ban: Add something related to the post please! ;p

Michelle: Hi there, thanks for dropping by!

Smadraji said...

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Volunteer Penis said...

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Derek said...

Smadraji: Thanks!

Volunteer Penis: Sure? You serious? Then please do contact me ;p