Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Final three months of 2008

Another 3 more months and it is adieu to 2008. How time really flies.

I just realised that I need to go on leave for 2 weeks straight as part of the company's policy. This is so that anyone could not do any fraud stuff, as it is assumed that it would need someone to be continuously monitoring it and two weeks away from the office would be a hindrance.

Initially, I thought I need not comply as I just joined the company this year. Apparently, the policy applies to me as I joined in the first half of the year. Those who joined in the second half need not.

As I already planned to take a week of in November to go to Kuching, I now have another week of leave. Which I have no idea what to do with all that free time.

Well, an extra week of relaxation is always welcome. I suppose it is would be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my family and catch up with all my KL friends. And hopefully, more time with my dear Nyk.

After that, I don't have any more off days until 2009. Furthermore, Christmas and New Year's are busy period for me, so I couldn't take leave even if I wanted to.

By the way, any suggestions on what to do or places to visit in Kuching? I have some short-listed some places to go to like Bako National Park, Cultural Village and the Sarawak Museum.


kw said...

kuching is really boring... not much fun, believe me...

William said...

Day 1: skanky
Day 2: skanky
Day 3: skanky