Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wall-e and some reminiscence

It has been raining these past few days. The cool weather is perfect to just lie and laze in bed, under the covers. Better still if there was someone to cuddle with.

Anyway, just came back from watching Wall-E. Pixar has done it again with its excellent storytelling and plot. Sure, the graphics are great, it is almost a given. The story is more important as without it, no matter how good the graphics is, the latter could never compensate the former. Case in point is a certain story set in a far, far away galaxy.

How Pixar managed to humanise a story about two robots and to slip in a message on preserving the environment is indeed remarkable. Congratulations again to Andrew Stanton, the same guy who gave us Finding Nemo (I still love this the most and because of the movie, the clown fish has become the most recognisable fish) and Toy Story.

At work, things are ok. Though I find it unsettling when I become the center of attention about my love life. A colleague seemed particularly interested in it, asking probing questions. The frequency of the questions seem to have increased.

Oh well.

There is a colleague who is meeting someone from online for the first time tomorrow. From URL to IRL. I still remember what it felt like when I met someone for the first time, back in 2002. The anticipation, expectation, trepidation. Good luck to her!

Think Nyk would have felt the same when he first met me. There was a little shyness initially, but that quickly faded away.

And now, look at where we are now! LOL

Happy 51st National Day, Malaysia! (though I do think that 16 September would be the more accurate one)


Leonardo said...

Whats scares me is 700 years from now whereby human will be seen tipple times their size. :- Wall-E

Ban said...

Hard to imagine Nyk being shy. >.<

William said...

I can't believe I fell for the "contact me urgently" comment you left on my post.


At first, I thought Vincent was you. :P

**cuddle baby under blanket**

Derek said...

leonardo: Yeah, that is pretty scary! We would all look so unglam and unfabulous with thouse bulging waistlines and flab! LOL

ban: He claims to be shy hehe

william: Well, I meant every word I said when I put that in the comment ^^