Saturday, August 09, 2008

Overdue II

I know this blog has been neglected yet again, since I came back from the KL trip. But this time it was due to my exams, which just ended yesterday. Ninety six hours of torment finally over. Woohoo!

Anyway, the first week back was quite uneventful. Though there were some stronger than usual yearning pangs for my dear, to be separated again after a wonderful week together.

But two weeks ago was our 18th month anniversary. It was another milestone for us. This is my longest relationship ever. Even the sum of all my previous relationships is less than this.

Of course, a relationship is not measured by the time that we are attached. It is measured by the quality and time spent together.

As a sidetrack, let me put down what my colleague actually said.
MJ: So how did you celebrate your anniversary? Got fireworks or not?

Me: What fireworks? He's in KL and I am here. I am supposed to deliver it by mail is it?

MJ: No la, I don't mean fireworks physically. It could be figuratively hahaha

Tsk, tsk.

First off, I am extremely glad to have him as my boyfriend. It is true that no one is perfect and a relationship is what you make of it.

We take the effort to listen and understand each other. There are times when I need emotional support, to have someone to care for me and relieve my stress and the is the one I go to.

He has been sending me cards every few weeks and every time I read them, I would go awww, so sweet. He knows he can't be everything to me, but he tries anyway.

For that, I am a lucky guy.

Sometime I don't really want to think too much about the future and just enjoy and cherish what I have with him now.

And yes dear, I did notice that I am no longer genderless on your blog. To finally know that I am guy is a relief.

I am proud and glad that you have taken the bold decision.

I have never really watch you sleep, as it always seems to me that you were already half awake when I opened my eyes.

I just wanna say this. I promise to always be by your side.

I would like to be the one who could douse your anger of fire when it burns, who you could turn to when the chips are down, who would provide you a shoulder to lean on when you need it and to catch you whenever you fall.

A belated happy anniversary, dear.

P/S And for the last time, there is no domineering one in our relationship. I don't see it that way and neither does it work as such.


Jaded_Jeremy said...

Hope it'll only get better!

Little Dove said...

A post specially dedicated to Nyk. I can feel the love and affection. A heartening post. :)

NotHamsap said...

it's very heartwarming!!! I hope you guys will go a long way :) To think that there is always a shoulder to lean on is definitely a great feeling :)

Silencer said... sweet. nyk is so damn lucky to hv u as a bf. :)

Derek said...

jaded_jeremy: Thanks!

little dove: Haha, thanks! ;-)

nothamsap: Yup. I am sure Hamsap is a very lucky guy too!

silencer: Haha ... thanks!