Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reading between the lines

Nyk usually calls me using iTalk, but sometimes he runs out of credit and uses my Time Gold account (an IDD calling service). Like the time when I was in Taiwan last month, I remember there was one night when we spoke for about half an hour.

My mom would usually inform me every month of the Time Gold bill amount as I am the one paying for it. Usually the amount that my mom uses is about RM10, the rest would be Nyk’s.

However, last month’s bill was higher than usual because of the calls to Taiwan. I think Nyk’s portion was about RM40.

As expected, mom will make a fuss about my “friend” using so much. The same thing happened when I was with CF too. CF used to call me using the same service.

See, she isn’t unhappy about the fact that Nyk calls me and previously it was CF, as much as she is unhappy about the amount that was used.

She knows there is only one other person who calls me beside her and that is Nyk, since I have told her that before.

I might be reading too much into this, but is this an implicit acceptance of my sexuality and indirectly Nyk?


Queer Ranter said...

Oh that's interesting. It could be that I guess. She's embracing her gay son. :)

William said...

Sure bor? Maybe really reading too much le. Hehe. But if it's really true.... yay!

Jaded_Jeremy said...

It could be a subconscious thingy lor. Or the "don't ask, don't tell" thingy. Hope it's true lah.

Will said...

As parents get older I think they start to get concerned about losing their kids forever, especially if their kids can move out and handle thinkgs on their own. So maybe she figures she needs to start accepting you as you are, or otherwise you might leave her life.

Will said...

On the other hand, she may just think Nyk is hot. As we all do.

Derek said...

queer ranter: Haha .. I hope so ;P

william: Hmmm, hard to say. What do u think dear?

jaded_jeremy: Don't ask don't tell ar? Possibly.

will: Quite true as well. Though i wouldn't want it to be out of fear.

Oh yeah, of course Nyk is hot haha

Cheryl said...

Haiyo...she had to accept the fact when she knew she had no choice and she still love you ma :P.

But, one advice - ask nyk not to use the account anymore. That will lead to some arguement definately one day. this is my advice.