Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Eagerly awaiting for ...

This is one movie which I can't wait to watch. Talking polar bears, flying witches, daemons, what's not to like? I have seen the trailer months ago and it piqued my interest to go read the book from which it is based on by Philip Pullman. Before that, I haven't even heard about it before.

And I did buy the books. The whole Dark Materials trilogy - The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass and I am half way reading the third one.

Last month, a slightly longer trailer was out and it made me even more eager to watch it.

I am so eager to watch it that I have already bought the tickets! I can't wait for 8th December to come and watch it with my dear Nyk *beams*

P/S From the trailer, I think Daniel Craig is quite miscast as Lord Asriel.

P/P/S Asriel is an anagram of Israel which means there is religious undertones. That explains why this and this happened.


johney said...

I like fantasy theme movies and books.
Must read the Dark Material Trilogy.

Magus_Young said...

how could you not mentioned Mrs Coulter?!!! Whacks!!!!!

William said...

Looking forward to our second movie together.

Jaded_Jeremy said...

I loved the trailer! I still get goose bumps watching the longer version. And if you look carefully, you can see Derek's name in the credit, listed under "Frenzied supporter" ;-)

As for the ban thingy, it'll just going to make the movie a box office. Just wait and see.

savante said...

Ooh. Just wish they had more of a hottie in the film. At least lemme look at something!