Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clueless straight men

On a Monday lunch, the week after the coming out by Mr Otto Fong.

Colleague: The article is no longer on his blog.
Me: Oh, but I read it.javascript:void(0)
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Colleague: How come you read it so fast?
Me: I knew about if from one the forums I'm subscribed too.
Colleague: How come you know all these things? I knew it ... you're gay.
Me: Yes, I am. So?
Colleague: Hahaha....

Two Fridays ago, I was wearing this bright pink polo shirt with yellow stripes to office. Some of you have seen before as I wore it for the YKLS performance.

Colleague: Wah, your shirt very bright le! Didn't notice earlier under the jacket you're wearing.
Me: Yeah, wanna be outstanding ma. Nice or not?
Colleague: Too bright already for me. Dare not wear le. I only have a dull pink shirt. You are the metrosexual. Well done!
Me: *rolls eyes*

Sometimes, I don't know whether I should strangle them or be secretly amused by their silliness.


Imeku said...

Some straight men has a sense and know if you are gay. They probably could smell it. Hahaha!

Prince of Darkness said...

Is that the shirt that we saw the other time? Hehe

Derek said...

imeku: Some? I think very few and very rare le

prince of darkness: Yes, it's that pink shirt you saw me buy haha

savante said...

What pink shirt :P

William said...

Baby's situation starting to look like David's. When admit also nobody believe.

Baby looks cute in pink!

Jason said...


Queer Ranter said...

Hahahh. That's funny. Poor godfather want to out himself but can't. :P