Friday, August 17, 2007

Back at home

Just came back to KL last night, immediately after work.

As it happened, I have a friend from KL who is in Singapore at the moment. He asked me out for dinner, which obviously I couldn't go. This was the second time it happened. The stars are not in our favour, it seemed. Sorry about that, Ry!

Something good that happened yesterday was my one-week leave in October is approved! Yay! I applied for the leave a month ago, as I planned to go to Taiwan with some friends then. And no, Nyk is not coming along, even though I would really really love him to.

Initially, it didn't seem likely that the leave would get approved. My manager and I had a little tiff over it, as apparently I am that important in the office and my absence would cause the company to collapse ... not!

So yeah, I am mighty pleased that it has finally been approved.

Let's see. Movies wise, I managed to catch Jay Chou's directorial debut Secret. I would give credit where it is due, and Jay has managed to come up with a commendable performance and story of young love with a surprising twist in the end. Anthony Wong who played his father was excellent and who had most of the witty lines.

The girl who played his girlfriend was great as well. She managed to capture the complexities of her character who has to keep a secret from Jay. Overall, a saccharine sweet movie for the romantics and the young at heart. And I love it because of that, even though Nyk wasn't there to hold my hand during the movie.

The weekend is here again, so have a good one, my friends!


Jaded_Jeremy said...

Yeah! Great that your leaves for Taiwan is approved.

So Secret is that sweet ar? Maybe I should watch. I'm a sucker for such movies :-) I supposed it has English subtitles, since I'm a banana man.

Will said...

Yay for being in KL!! And yay for your vacation being makes you wonder, when people work hard and do well for the company, the company tries to make them work even harder. So then you wonder if anyone will work hard again. "The reward for doing well is doing more."

Queer Ranter said...

I wanna go to Taiwan too~~~

thompsonboy said...

sometimes I do people have it all...ok so it's not perfect but thinking about it again. All I have is what to do next week for my work. Sounded as sad as I type it.