Sunday, July 29, 2007

A weekend to remember

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy studying for my exams, which in 10 days time.

Last weekend was eventful, when Nyk was down for the weekend. It was partially spoilt by my manager, which I shall not go into details.

On Sunday, we went to a Catholic church. First time for me, as I have never been to church on normal Sundays, only special events like Christmas. Can't say I was taken in by the whole thing, but I just observed and observed some more. A lot of questions popped up while whole ritualistic and symbolic goings on took place.

After that, we went to Chinatown and passed by a shoe shop. Nyk bought a pair of black leather shoes for work.

Then we headed to the movies for an anime called Paprika. It was a marvellous show with very vibrant colours and art and memorable music. The storyline was gripping yet slightly complicated, nevertheless it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Highly recommended. IMDB attests to it, with an average of 7.9 out of 10 stars.

After the movie, we headed to Orchard as SK needed to buy some Aussiebum underwear for her friend in Europe. Apparently, it is much cheaper in Singapore.

So New Urban Male was where we ended up. We spent quite some time there choosing. I even bought something for myself, a pair of CIN-2 underwear.

We grabbed some snacks as we were quite hungry, even though it was nearly dinner time.

We stopped at Metro to just look around, but ended up buying two pairs of Private Structure underwear, one for myself and another for Nyk. Luckily, the sales were still on and there was a 20% discount, so it only cost $14 each.

Dinner was at Dempsey Road. The place is inaccessible by buses or trains, so we had to take a cab. As we turn into the road, I realised what an expensive evening it was going to be. The place was dotted with Korean, Western, Italian etc restaurants, which were formerly army barracks.

We met Nyk's brother at Fabrikka, an Italian outfit. The food was great. Nyk has the photos, so I didn't take any. I can't remember the names of the stuff we had, but they were beef, swordfish and duck. I will let him post comments on the food on his blog.

Overall, I had a really good time with him. It was wonderful to see him again after so long. And we would meet again quite soon, which is next month.


savante said...

No romantic whisperings, holding hands in candlelight?

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Derek, no need study lah ;-) Piece of cake, right? After you pass it, you better tell me the secret of passing ar.

Glad you spent time with Nyk. A month will pass by soon enough before you know it. But it passes really slowly before your exam haha.

Queer Ranter said...

I want Private Structure too~~~ Waiting for them to open up the concept store.

SK said...

"Luckily, the sales were still on and there was a 20% discount, so it only cost $14 each"

Hi.. Above statemnet sounds so 'aunty' la :P. Haha


Jason said...

All the best to your coming exam.

William said...

Romantic whimperings.. :P

Yes, it was truly a weekend to remember. Can't wait to see you again...

thompsonboy said...

so william had a chance to check you out in your new loots?

pluboy said...

like you did not? lolx

Derek said...

savante: There was dinner. Followed by romantic whisperings in bed.

But no candlelight ;P

jaded jeremy: Yup, can't wait to get it over with already! Aarggh!

queer ranter: PS is a Malaysian brand. Hopefully they have better designs and newer stocks there.

SK: Blek.

jason: Thanks *hugs*

william: Me too, dear, me too ;P

thompson: That goes without saying, honey! Haha ...

pluboy: Did not what???