Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A meme which turned into a post

Got tagged by Queerrant. Think there was another meme earlier, but that seems so long ago.

According to this meme, I am supposed to post eight facts or habits about myself.

I read this book back when I was university, called Personality Plus by Florence Littauer.

Basically, it's about the four major types of personalities. I am recalling them from memory, which shows how much time I have spent on this. When I was in university, I had to deal with all sorts of people in the society that I joined. Hence, understanding the different types of personality is useful.

Each of usually have a lot in common with two out of the four, with a little of the other two. Something like 40%, 40%, 10% and 10%.

The four major types are:

1) Popular Sanguine
These are the people who are full of energy, enthusiastic, the live wire of the party. They can make any stories come alive and tell the same jokes over and over and still make everybody laugh. Well like by everybody. They are spontaneous and crazy.

The not so good characters are that they are usually forgetful and disorganised.

2) Perfect Melancholic
These are the perfectionist. They are analytical, smart and as the name suggest, melancholic. They think they are unique and that no one understands them. Introverted and thus spend a lot of time reading and being introspective. Moody. Thus they are smart and deep people. Usually emphatic as well.

The down side is that they usually depressive. If you can draw a graph, with the y-axis as emotion and values above zero as happy, there would be a lot of deep valleys and few small hills. Taken to the extreme, could be suicidal.

A lot of geniuses are in this category, like Mozart and Beethoven.

3) Powerful Choleric
These are the leaders. Decisive and assertive. Know what he or she wants. Able to make the people around him rally towards a common goal. Inspirational and has charisma. Speaks well in public.

People who are extreme in this category may come across as bossy or unfeeling. They are very results-oriented and thus may neglect the fact that people are humans with feelings too.

4) Peaceful Phlegmatic
These are the people who avoids conflicts and usually are the mediators to arguments. They are easy going people and get along well with everyone. They genuinely care about the people around them and wants everyone to be happy. A good provider and giver and takes care of people well.

If you could draw a graph of their emotions, it would be almost flat. They experience neither extreme happiness or sadness. They avoid conflicts and thus may seem agreeable and pushovers. Hence, they usually go along with whatever decision others make.

They don't like to make decisions as they want others to do so and be happy. They lack initiative.

Err ... think I have digressed too much.

Still, for the first fact about me, wanna hazard a guess which two personalities am I?


Jason said...

One and Four?

Apollo David said...

actually there got another books that in 16 different personality beside of this four... that's more details...

William said...

Well, I guessed you as 1 and 4, but then you're also scholastic. Like you said, people change. But I love you anyway.

Magus_Young said...

Im just guessing lah har sista, ur a 2 and 4.... correct r? and my IN LAW is... a high 2?

Sista A

savante said...

Gasp. Am I choleric?

Derek said...

Well, when I did this more than three years ago, I was a two and four. But somehow, I think there is more of one appearing in me. People change, and I suppose I am having more of 1,2 and 4. Three is never my strong point.

Thanks for the responses! ;P