Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Derek's hospital stay

*edited, with picture

Saturday, 17th December

Three hours later, I came to. It was after seven. I was feeling extremely drowsy. Tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids felt so heavy. Was shivering a little from the cold too.

I could hear clearly the voices around me. The nurses were talking softly to another patient next to me, telling her that her operation went well and that she would be fine.

My abdomen hurt. Just above the groin area.

I tried to get the nurses attention by moaning. By turning my head left and right. I could barely open my eyes for more than a second.

Finally, I mumbled, “Cold.” Only then did someone gave me an extra blanket.

Later, as I was pushed out of the room, my head has cleared up a bit. I saw my family waiting outside. They followed me as I was brought back to my ward.

I felt numb and weak all over. The nurses asked whether I could get back into the bed. Obviously I couldn't. Thus, they had to carry me, slowly and gently, back to the bed.

By now, I could speak and knew what I was talking about. My family was around me and we talked for a while. They left a while later, after having said, “Just rest. We’ll come see you tomorrow.”

I began to feel increasing pain at my lower abdomen. The anesthetic must be wearing off. Not long after, I fell asleep.

I woke up at about ten. I was hungry, but the pain was stronger and it overwhelmed the former. The nurse came in to give me an antibiotic jab.

I was told that if I was hungry, they could heat up some porridge for me. If the pain become unbearable, I could request for painkillers.

No, I said that I wasn't hungry yet. And I drifted into slumber once more.

Close to midnight, I was awake again. I felt a little better. I have had enough of sleeping for the time being and took out my book to read.

I was quite absorbed in the book till a nurse came in and I was interrupted. She asked if I would like some Milo as I shouldn’t be eating food yet.

Hmmm ... I was receiving conflicting messages here. Didn’t another nurse earlier wanted to bring me porridge, which never come?

I said OK.

After I have finished my Milo, I returned to sleep.

Less than hour later, I was awaken as another nurse came in to take my blood pressure and temperature.

Throughout the night, I was intermittently awake. And the pain was persistent and keenly felt.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer; I couldn't have my rest. I requested for the painkiller.

To my shock, it didn’t come orally. I had to take it up the ass.

In that period, the nurse came in check on my vitals one more time. Or twice. Can’t really remember.

Warning: Vivid description follows. Might be too much information for some of you.

By then, I had taken a look at my bandage. It was just above my groin area and went up 8 centimeters, at a 45 degrees angle.

And my bush had to be shaved to make way. Heh, I felt like a porn star. ;P

Anyway, the whole area hurt. The surrounding skin was red and it extended till my stomach. It felt painful to the touch.

The doctor also removed something that measured about 5cm, called a hyrdrocele (a collection of fluid in the scrotum that surrounds the testicle).

The hydrocele, which measured about 5 cm

Thus, my balls hurt as well. Just the right one. It has turned a shade of purple black. This was due to the surgery affecting some of the nerves, which lead into the testicle.

When morning came, I was assured by the doctor that the bruised testicle was nothing to worry about. I had my doubts, as my genitals was still feeling numb and unresponsive ...

It was also quite difficult for me to pee.

Did I just reveal things I shouldn’t? Oh what the heck, these are just human anatomy and bodily functions. ;P

End of description.

When it was a third into Sunday, a male nurse brought breakfast, which consisted of porridge (hopefully it wasn’t the one promised last night) and two slices of bread.

I just had the bread and a cup of Milo.

Later at ten, I was discharged.

In short, what I can say about my hospital stay was that it was utterly boring. Though it was comfortable and the nurses were warm and friendly, I don’t think I could stand another night in the hospital (the doctor did suggest for me to stay another night if I wanted to).

I stayed in a four-bedded room, which is a misnomer really, as it only had two beds. The hospital has two bedded rooms, which cost about 50% more.

The difference between the two rooms? The latter has a television and a phone. Comfort, hygiene and service wise, they are the same.

I sure hope I won’t be seeing the insides of a ward anytime soon, looking at the ceiling from the bed.

The doctor gave me three weeks of medical leave, which I think is quite excessive. But who am I to argue with the doctor anyway? ;P


suanie said...

hehe get better soon!

Derek said...

suanie: Thanks, suanie.

Sorry to hear about the "rape" of your house though.

suanie said...

ah well shit happens :)
so the bush is gone eh :P

Legolas said...

Not sure why, but I felt strange around my groin as I read your post...

Alex said...

Get well soon.... the bush will grow and soon you'll have your Amazon back... :P Take care and rest well.

keatix said...

wow, drama....hehehe! lawnmower was at work huh? hehehehe. anwyay, glad u r bk home resting.

canardbidon said...

you get a good rest!!! 3 weeks is just nice!!!

MrBunnyBan said...

Yiee. Sounds nastier than I imagined. Yeah, listen to the doctor and get some rest Derek. long's your bush now? ;-)

Chris said...

........... Honestly people, give the man some room! >.<

Anyway... hope you're doing well Derek (i know you've hear this a lot of times... but hey, I'm being over worried here!) Get more rest, and maybe cut down on all the unnecessary movements! ^^

PS: I was umm... how should i put it... very red around the ears (if you hadn't notice it) when you tried to show me the area...

river said...

speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Circumcision wasn't in the package? heh :P

hoknotyalc said...

What? Derek was trying to show it to you? U r one lucky dude:P Anyway Derek, do take care and try give your testicals plenty of room. Take care and speedy recovery. Cheers.

Derek said...

suanie: Of all the things I have written about, was that the only thing that caught your attention?

Geez! ;P

legolas: OK, you can stop there. No need to explain further. ;P

alex: Thanks for the well wishes, alex.

And yes, it's growing. Growing well, I might add ;P

keatix: Thanks, keatix.

canardbidon: I am trying to be grateful here for the long rest, but I am kinda getting bored sitting at home! I can't freaking go anywhere for Christmas!

mrbunnyban: Want me to show you? ;P

chris: Awww, sweetie pie. Thanks a lot for the concern.

But I can't be lying on my bed all day long, can I?

No, I didn't notice you were turning red. If I did, I would probably like to see how red you can go - by pulling my pants lower! LOL

river: Oh, hi there river. Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for the well wishes!

anonymous: Er ... thank God, no!

You want me to be couped up at home forever? ;P

hoknotyalc: Hehe ... thanks again, Clayton. I am getting as much rest as I can.

Though now I am starting to worry about the weight I am putting on ... aargh!

Jay said...

Hey man, hope you're feeling much better now, because -thwap!- why the heck did you put up that picture?!!! I mean, OMG, Derek!

" genitals was still feeling numb and unresponsive."

I used to get that way sometimes, usually after a long day at the sauna.

Spot said...

hi derek...haven't been around here much...and now i'm greeted with this??? eeeeee.

Hope the jewels and scepter are feeling less tender now. Can't believe that nobody remarked about how you took it "up the ass"...hyuk hyuk. :)

Enjoy the long leave man, and merry christmas!

ça va pas la tête said...

Have a speedy recovery!

savante said...

Well take the three weeks to recover then. Takes a while for that aching nagging pain to go away, I'm afraid. Write on the blog and talk to us.

So you did get your hydrocoele back/ :) Didn't you noticed it when you played with yourself every once in a while before?

Quite surprised that you got a suppository for your pain though since you must have had an intravenous line set up. Hmm... Then again, I would have taken the opportunity to get near that hot ass too, I guess. :)


Derek said...

jay: The picture is to show that er ... surgery is never fun. And that it's gross. ;P

Which is still not as gross as some of your more "interesting" videos. LOL

spot: Exactly. I was waiting for someone to comment on the "up the ass" bit. LOL

I am feeling much better now, thanks.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you too, Spot.

ça va pas la tête: Thanks. Doing my best here ;P

savante: Nope, I didn't get the hydrocele back.

And in some cultures, that would mean that I can't go to heaven. ;P