Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hello, is that Ah Loong?

Astro Ria (Channel Four on Astro, I think) showed Sepet on the first day of Raya.

I didn’t watch it last week, as I already did when it first came out in February.

The movie reminded me of what YF did, when we were going out. At the time, he watched it in Penang first and instantly lusted after the lead actor, Ah Loong a.k.a. Jason Lee, played by Ng Choo Seong.

Yes, the guy was cute. He played someone half his age in the movie, and he looked the part, as he looks way younger than his age.

There were two reasons why YF liked him so much. The first was mentioned above and the other was, to me, illogical and silly. Thus I shall not go into that.

So YF was absolutely smitten and was on his drunken-like state of “high”. Laughing non-stop and for no particular reason. Enthusing about Choo Seong every other minute of our conversation.

Anyways, in the movie, there was a scene where Jason gave his number to the girl he liked, Orked. It was a Celcom number and it was only shown for like, two seconds.

Shall I even need to tell what happened next?

Of course, YF didn’t manage to get the number. As I was planning to watch the movie a few days later, he requested that I take note of that scene and get the number.

Why? Because he thought that there was a chance that it was really Ah Loong’s number.

So I did get the number. But I didn’t give it to him right away after the movie. I let him grovel beg waited for a whole of two hours.

In hindsight, I probably should have prolonged his wait. Heh.

After he got the number, he really did call. It was a lady who picked up though.

Undeterred, he asked for Jason.

The lady replied that he has gone out and that she was the mother-in-law or something like that.

Basically, it was a good explanation why Jason did not pick up the phone.

YF put the phone down. I don’t know how he knew, but he guessed it was the director herself who answered his call.

Indeed, it was Yasmin Ahmad.

YF then gushed about the movie, about how it was a true Malaysian movie and that we should have more of those.

He didn’t call again though; he expressed those thoughts via SMS.

He also said that moviegoers *rolls eyes* should see more of the actor who played Ah Loong i.e. Ng.

Yasmin Ahmad, being the kind person she is, replied and thanked him for watching and supporting the movie. She said that Ng was like a son to her (after all, he is one of the managers in her company).

You wouldn’t believe what YF texted her next.

Or maybe you would.

He asked whether Choo Seong was gay.

She said no. Ouch.

In fact, he was dating a sweet Malay girl. Double ouch.

I am not sure about you, but even if he was gay, you wouldn’t expect Yasmin to tell, would you? It’s not her right, or anyone else’s, to do so. Except for Ng himself.

I suppose when one is smitten, one couldn’t think straight. Or at all.

Oh well.

When he called her, I think it was about more than a week after he watched the movie. Yet, he was still pretty excited about Ng.

And it annoyed the hell out of me at the time.

Which made me wonder why am I going out with him to watch a movie later.


Kyle said...

Lol, what was interesting...

for a while, i thought you guys might not get through... :)

rad said...

I actually dropped my jaw when i got to the part where he asked whether Ng was gay. I mean ... wow, I'm speechless. Brave guy XD

dmnk said...

was he as obesessed with you as he was with the sepet guy? hehe

Derek said...

kyle: Er, sorry .. I don't get your comment.

Anyway, we did fall through ...

rad: You can call it brave if you want. But to me, it is something else.

dmnk: Well, if he was, we would still have been together.

Thankfully, he wasn't. ;P

Nugget said...

MYGOD can't believe he actually asked Yasmin THAT question. Rad dropped his jaw when he came to that part, my toenails just curled.

MrBunnyBan said...

I missed Sepet on Astro? ACK!! I thought they'd never show that movie on Malaysian TV! Will rummage through guide later...

A thought: Half of the questions in the 'Cool Quiz' on radio ( in the morning are on celebrities. How very...sad.

Stiilll, I'd love to give the director an SMS myself. Still got that number on you? :)

savante said...

That's her number?! I am so calling her :) But hey, you can check out her blog instead.


Derek said...

nugget: Yes, it was indeed frightening. Hehe ...

And welcome back. Haven't heard from you in a while. ;P

mrbunnyban: Unfortunately, no. But I think her number is easily found on the net. Check out kakiseni and see.

savante: Yeah, I have visited her blog a couple of times. Interesting stuff there.

Kyle said...

lemme rephrase :

for a second i thought the number isn't valid that the call couldn't get through..