Friday, January 21, 2005

New Year, new beginning?

The year began without much of a bang. Which it should be anyway due to the tsunami.

Work wise, it is slowly picking up. Too slowly in fact. Which indirectly affected me. No zest, no fire to mark the new year.

Other than that, there is something exciting that happened on New Year’s Day. I got to know someone. Someone whom I haven’t met, but whom I have spoken to on the phone for the past 3 weeks. He seems like the person who would make a good partner. I know, I know. I have been asked countless times how can I like someone whom I haven’t met. Truth be told, it has happened twice before. I would be foolish if I haven’t learnt anything from those experience. It goes without saying that those did not work out.

Nevertheless, I am hopeful. As people often say, hope springs eternal from the human breast. This could be the person for me. And luckily, it is mutual. It has been difficult to find someone who speaks English, funny, have a good sense of humour, sensible and most of all, loyal in love.

We would be meeting for the first time tomorrow on a trip to PD. I am looking forward to a wonderful time and that things will happen as I hope it would.

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David the Man said...

Is that new person William NYK you were blogging about?