Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home sweet home - May

I was back in KL last weekend after a three month absence. Home is still home, no matter how bad the things are.

Somehow I managed to meet Nyk everyday. First, it was a friend's birthday dinner at Fukuharu. The food is quite good for the kind of price they charge. The excellent service and great ambiance that really enhanced the whole dinner experience. Definitely recommended and we will definitely go back again next time!

The next day was swimming at my condo's pool, followed by siew pau. I taught him how to swim properly with his legs and some unintentional touching ensued.

I also watched Ip Man 2 for the second time. This time was with my family, as I had already watched it in Singapore with my god brother. Still enjoyable, but a third time will be overkill.

This trip back was pretty short and I didn't have the chance to meet anyone else. Oh well. But I am planning to come back a little more frequent than every 3 months! I miss my family, the food and most of all, my dearest boyfie!


William said...

Unintentional? Hardly. I miss you too dear!

Cheryl said...

"Home is still home, no matter how bad the things are."

:S not for me

Ban said... balls?

carpe diem said...

In a test of probability you would have failed miserably. You need to try a lot harder. How unintentional can it be. Guilty as charged!

ps. Maybe it was intentional on his part :P

riostar said...

It must be difficult adapting to a new enviromnent, I know how you feel slightly I moved to England when I was 22 but atleast you are seeing the world aye?

What is IP2? :O

Qboy said...

Hey there, a reader of Will's blog :) Just came across your blog, nice to meet you :)

Ogbeifun E said...

I know you missed home for quite some time but it's good to be home.
Though it doesn't mean one should be homesick after a long time being away from home.