Monday, January 18, 2010


I bought a pair of rings for Nyk and myself last month. I find that it is unique as I have never come across red stainless steel rings. Usually they come in black.

Nyk was in town over the weekend and I thought I would bring him for dim sum at Crystal Jade. The previous time that I was there, my colleagues and I enjoyed the food. But he didn't quite like the taste of the siew mai, wu kok and pork ribs. I think the only thing he found decent was the chicken feet and siew loong pau.

As the waitress passed the bill back to me, she noticed our matching rings. This was what transpired in Mandarin:
Waitress: Wah, your rings very nice hor. Matching some more!
Me: Errr .... yeah, they are quite unique which was why I bought them.
Waitress: Yeah, very unique. What are those patterns on the rings? Do they mean anything?
Nyk: They are Tibetan inscriptions.
Waitress: (to another waitress standing nearby) Hey. Come and see. Aren't the rings beautiful? Matching some more.
Other waitress: Yeah, it is quite nice.
(I was getting a bit embarrassed by the attention)
Waitress: Where did you buy them?
Me: I bought it online.
Waitress: You mean from the internet? Is it expensive?
Me: About 40 dollars.
Waitress: Wah, not cheap le. What are they made of?
Nyk: Stainless steel.
Waitress: Oooh ....
Me: I think we have to go now ....
Waitress: Sure sure. Thank you. Please come again.

That was really unexpected. I wonder if it was all because I had my head on Nyk's shoulder 10 minutes before I paid for the bill LOLL