Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interesting observations

Quite a few of my university got or are getting married this year. And I have a few observations which I find to be interesting.

1. They are not walking down the aisle with the person whom they were dating during university days, which were only 5 years ago.

2. They were with their former boyfriends / girlfriends for quite some time, at least two or three years

3. The person they are getting married to is someone they have dated for less than two years

These led me to think, are their biological clocks ticking? What's the hurry? Also I know for sure there are no "accidents".

I really don’t know.

True, the length of time of a relationship is no guarantee that it will end in marriage. But surely, it must have meant something too.

Or could it be that their university relationships somehow have taught them one of lives greatest lessons about their preferred qualities in a partner that they applied it and found the person to marry soon after?

Anyone care to share your thoughts?


William said...

I guess it's the time factor and things can very well change when moving on from study life to working life.

Ban said...

Well. There's a certain time for straights when the pressure is on to get married. When the timing is considered 'right'. Before you hit 30, mostly.