Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life, friendships and July

Nyk was getting a bit wistful yesterday about friends lost and made. I suppose that is a fact of life that we have to accept - that friends come in and out of our lives all the time.

In different stages of life we would have different interests and activities and understandably, the people that we acquaint with would be different. Over time, we would have grown and move in divergent directions; we would have moved on to newer and other more exciting stuff.

But of course, this is not always the case. There would be that select few who would be with us for a very long time. Who would see us through the different stages in life and our ups and downs. Those that might even know us better than we know ourselves.

Even in this age of communications technology, its availability doesn't mean that it would be meaningfully utilised to keep in touch. The tools are all there and precisely because of that it is taken for granted. Everyone is just an email, phone call or text message away but sometimes we forget or are too lazy to use them.

There would also be others who would appear intermittently in our lives. They come in and out of lives. They reappear a few or many years later. But somehow we could still reconnect with them; there is still that bond of friendship. It’s like they have taken a break and came back from it.

I understand how he feels. I had that feeling a long time ago. Come to think of it, there are not many people whom I meet often. It is always the same group of people. They are the important people in my lives right now.

They may or may not be in the future but I guess the most important thing now is to treasure the friendship and not let it deteriorate.

Work and family takes up most of his time. Especially his mom. She has her mood swings and her mood significantly affects Nyk's mood.

Things are not balanced. One need to spend time with other groups of people too. The bonds of friendship can nurture and invigorate.

Perhaps all these negative energy points to something deeper. There could be something lying beneath it. Possibly feeling stuck in the rut? Midlife crisis which arrived much earlier?

Or maybe it is something as simple as the blues. Everyone gets it sometimes. Even I do. But this time it seems longer than usual.

There is only so much I can do cheer him up. Would like to just meet him now and make him feel better. I do feel powerless as I am not beside him now. This is one downside of long distance relationship which infuriates.

Hope you feel better soon dear. He is coming down in early July, so I am thinking I might have my work cut out for me if he is still not alright.

But of course, the sooner the clouds lift the better.


Queer Ranter said...

Even the blogsphere has been quite quiet. I guess part of the reason why I started blogging again is to somewhat keep in touch with each other.

Jaded_Jeremy said...

I'll help you to cheer him up! Perhaps a "special" dance may do the trick haha.

On a serious note, it has been at least a decade since I decided to no longer expect to keep in touch. Save me from being hurt. If they do, it's a bonus. If they don't, so be it. It's sad but what to do? It's the will of other people we're dealing with here.

Ban said...

*peeeers at jeremy's comment*

What's this special dance, hmmm? I also want to see!

Well, I don't think we should take it too personally. Losing touch is pretty normal, methinks. Persinally I;m not very good at keeping in touch with my friends. But that doesn't mean it can't be found again.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything gets better. =)
Just dropping in to say hi. I have been following your blog, just that I seldom leave notes! Hope you are doing fine!

Babymicrophone livejournal.

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Yeah, we have friends we often keep in touch with. Like my ex's friends, we still keep in touch even though I am in Japan now. I am always thinking of them. Sometimes, I think it is good if we make new friends, you know, to enlarge the circle of friendship. It's always good to have friends all around us. Friends who care and who wants to keep in touch.

Derek said...

QR: Yeah, blogging is a great way to meet people and keep in touch.

But everyone seems to be Facebooking now! LOL

Jaded_Jeremy: You're risk averse, as always ;-)

And what dance is this?

Ban: True. If someone is meant to be your friend, we'll definitely find him or her.

dennis: Hey. Thanks for still coming to visit.

Nyk is feeling better already. Thanks!

Saintner: Totally agree with you!

savante said...

Think we all have to find a way to make the connections stick. Work hard not to lose friendships, I guess!

William said...

Word count verified! It's very sweet of you. I'll try to reciprocate!