Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Friday

I haven't been blogging for some time now. I have quite a bit of things to pen down but somehow they were never written.

I was back in KL for the Good Friday weekend. Got a chance to finally meet up with a friend who was back from the U.K. for holiday. It was wonderful to see him again after four long years and thus far non-existent U.K. trip. I really want to go to U.K., probably next year, as I haven't been there before.

Mostly my time was spent with my family. On both Saturday and Sunday, my dad took us out for lunch which was almost an hour's drive away. That is one hour too long for me. My dad is a foodie so this kind of things happen quite often.

We had lunch at the foot of Bukit Tinggi on Saturday, where we had fresh river fish and cheap dishes. Sunday's lunch was in Sungai Besi, this restaurant tucked away in an industrial area but was featured before on a good food television program.

Nyk came over for a swim on Sunday. Admittedly I didn't get to see much of him this time, but we did what we could. I will only be seeing him next in 6 weeks' time.

Nyk is pretty stressed at work, so here's wishing that your work goes well dear.


Silencer said...

oh....!!u were there during the swim too??!! heard that eric got a huge bulge..hor? haha

Kenji said...

Haha take it easy and go at your own pace I suppose! But hey! At least you guys are doing what you can, tell Nyk I says all the best too! xD

snakebyte said...

Hey waiting for you to come over to UK! LOL. And it was nice meeting you again too!