Sunday, April 24, 2005

A little mistake

I had to work yesterday. After work, I had agreed to go for a friend’s Buddhist society activities. My friend A, informed me that it was based on treasure hunt and survival games concept, with the objective of learning about life’s lessons. It sounded interesting, which was why I agreed to go. Three of my university friends came along too.

It was scheduled to start at 4pm. When we arrived, it was obvious that something was not quite right. It seemed that everyone else was younger than us, some very much younger. Anyhow, since we were already there, we might as well join in the fun and enjoy ourselves. Which we did.

Though it was called treasure hunt cum survival games, it was actually more like station games. We had to move from one place to another to play games and earn points. There was a find-the-words puzzle, pop quiz, ten-person-nine-legged-race and so on. The most challenging one would be the one where we have to wrap an egg with straws or paper. The objective was to make sure the egg doesn’t break when dropped from four feet.

It ended about half past six and everyone proceeded to the canteen for dinner. While talking to one of our fellow teammates, I found out that the day’s program was meant for students. That explained the presence of the younger participants (and the lack of potential dates ;P). He also said that there was something similar for working adults, which was held a fortnight ago. Seemed like A got the wrong information then.

Oh well, though we were a little disappointed, we still stayed on till eight thirty. My friend A gave us a book each, called “A Piece of Mirror”. It was written by the president of Soka Gakai, Daisaku Ikeda.

I have browsed through it. It is a compilation of Ikeda’s writings on various subjects such as love, happiness, death, human spirit and so on.

Definitely a worthwhile read.

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